A lot is at Stake


With the onset of winter..

With the roll of gloom , when nature yearns to bloom.

When frost covers your car, and nature leaves a scar.

The dried flowers, exemplary of nature’s power.

The mountains bound, the night is gloomy without a single sound.

The owl’s melancholy cry, men at the fireplace leaving a heavy sigh.

Amidst all the sorrow, humans fail to understand the destructive tomorrow.

Approaching like a striking knife, but people are busy shedding tears for their “not so perfect” life.

The gentle dewdrops on leaves, the ice covering the lake.

Beyond what you know, a┬álot is at stake…..


Anvesha Saraf

Hi! I am Anvesha, a writing enthusiast, a passionate techie. I am currently studying and would love to share my thoughts and clicks with you all. I love to travel and take photographs. Sharing my tiny little world with you!!

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