Lockdown Diaries

Lockdown Diaries – 17th April, 2020

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“Locked in my thoughts

Key lost

Trying to unlock it with my pen.”


Often we leave things unsaid, thoughts unspoken and views hidden; thereby then getting stored in our head and eating it fraction by fraction…

Therefore it’s very important to express ourselves in writing or in speech, in public or private, just so that we aren’t so overwhelmed that we burst open and explode one day with the pent up emotions..

While I was looking at the quotes hanging on my wall grid, one quote caught my eye,

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass but learning to dance in the rain.”

This saying applies to this ‘storm’ we’re faced with today more than ever. We don’t need the virus outbreak to be controlled to regain normality or enjoy life to the fullest. We all need to learn how to dance in the rain, how to overcome your stresses and let go for some moments.

It’s true that there isn’t anything nice about pandemic killing thousands and thousands… but when you come to think of it; is it better to sit with a gloomy face all day imagining how you are a captive in your house or trying to be productive with the extra time you have.

Everyone says they’re bored but that’s not true, they’re just too lazy to try out things that take effort.

I enjoyed a productive day today;

  • Playing my guitar
  • Reading Books
  • Playing online games with my family
  • Studying and catching up on some school work
  • Watching Netflix (Guilty Pleasure)
  • Baking a cupcake

Similarly, there’s a buffet of options lined up, waiting for you. You just need to take an initiative…

Creating a timed schedule to balance work and play helps you to efficiently carry out tasks, be organised and enjoy as well.

So let’s all try to buckle up our laces and face this lockdown with determination, courage, will power and a can do attitude.



– Anvesha Saraf –


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