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Lockdown Diaries – 16th April, 2020

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“Are we locked in….or are we locked out of a wonderful world of simplicity and happiness?”

Through these trying times, I have learned to see the silver lining. Life has taught me to be happy in the smallest of things. We all feel that we are locked in within four walls, don’t we?

Have you ever thought that we are locked out..locked out of the beauty of nature because we choose to nonchalantly live a luxurious life without being grateful to the amenities we have?

We are indeed locked out and during this time which we have; finding the key to that magical world of real smiles would be the end of all your problems. A sweet realisation dawned me, that less is more, we can be happy with what we have, even if we are not a part of the fast-paced rat race of the Millenials.

Recently, it was my 7-year-old cousin’s birthday. The biggest of gifts may never satisfy him enough but during this lockdown, he learned to appreciate the smallest of things without a complaint. I was surprised and happy to see him recognise the efforts and not the material gifts; he valued the emotions behind those gifts more than the gifts. Similarly, this event should teach us more than anything to appreciate life and learn to be satisfied with what we are blessed with.

Today, in this situation; a few words from ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ by Paulo Coelho resonate and make me realise that one should learn ‘the real values of faith and hope’ instead of only dreaming of a life of glamour and luxury.

As the preface says, “Many of us have been lead to believe that fame, money, and power are the only values worth pursuing, unaware that the real, behind the scene manipulators, remain anonymous. These manipulators understand that the most effective power is the kind that goes unnoticed by anyone…”

During these trying times, we all have learned to appreciate our behind the scene heroes. This obstacle (of lockdown) in our lives has made me realise that we should be grateful for having a roof above our head, food to eat while some are struggling under the sun trying to accommodate for their basic needs without a shelter, thereby, being in potential danger of being infected with the virus.

When I flip the coin on the other side I see the brighter side of the situation, where;

I can spend quality time with my family.

I can pursue my passions and hobbies.

I can try out new things.

I can sit by the window to see the birds chirping as the sun sets.

I can cherish nature in its purest forms.

I can enjoy hours of music while gazing at the clouds.


Even though we can’t go out with our friends…

Even though we can’t go to the best of the restaurants…

Even though we can’t watch the first casting of a new movie while enjoying a tub of popcorn…

Even though we can’t step out of our houses…

Even though there is a virus outbreak…

Even though there is a pandemic…


That is the power of simplicity.




-Anvesha Saraf-

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