Coronavirus: Tested Positive or Negative?

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We all know about the COVID-19 or the Novel Corona Virus. It originated in Wuhan, China; it does not have any cure, etc, etc…

Well, these are basic facts and needless to say people have already crammed their brains with the technical information. I won’t be talking about the facts really but more about the analytical side of the situation.

Now, when we have an emergency or a global crisis similar to our present situation, different people react to it in 100 different ways.

Covid 19
Covid 19

We have-

CAUTION! A virus is on the loose

Well obviously it is important to take precautions during such a sensitive time but some people are so paranoid that they don’t really travel the extra mile but 100 extra miles which aren’t really necessary.

We’ll see some lunatics buying 50 sanitizers at once (like they have 5 feet long hands) or buying tons and tons of groceries. It is wise to keep a little bit extra of all essentials but sure not in this way.

So to these over-paranoid ones all I can say is “We all know that there’s a deadly virus sweeping throughout the globe. So,


Keep Calm
Keep Calm

OMG!! The virus also…

I know it all
I know it all

In case of such a medical emergency, we always have those bunch of self-proclaimed doctors with uncles or aunties or unreliable websites informing them about fake news which they will make a point to spread in all four directions probably at a faster rate than the spread of the virus.

However, I really have to give it to them for being creative enough to be able to come up with the most irrational facts or statistics possible. I won’t be shocked to see someone tweet “ OMG!! I just got to know the virus only kills bad people. So the simple solution to be is good.”

To all those who love spreading such “fancy” rumors,” Have you ever heard of reliable sites like the WHO (World Health Organization). Have you ever tried to go look there instead of creating group chats with the most distant relatives and friends or surfing on the shadiest websites of all?  Being serious though, it’s very important not to circulate fake news at such a fragile and delicate time.”

IDC! I am immune

Nobody Cares
Nobody Cares

Well alongside the over- paranoid ones we also have people who feel they are superheroes roaming around with shields to the virus. In that case, you should probably sell some of those shields, I am sure people would pay millions to save their lives. Right?

Now we usually see this in countries or districts where the virus hasn’t spread at an escalated rate. This very careless attitude leads to the sharp escalation of the number of cases. As informed citizens, we should try to take all measures necessary since the very initial stage of the outbreak and not wait for the last moment.

To this group of people, “This isn’t homework or a project where you can wait for the last day and rush through your work. This is something extremely serious so let’s all try to act on it and be responsible citizens.”

Vacation Mode ON!!

No Vacation
No Vacation

As a step of precaution, many governments have called off work and implemented work from home and other such measures. However, people have mistaken this holiday for a vacation.

I know both sound similar but there is a fine line of difference which makes all the difference. You can’t go to relax in Hawaii or plan your dream trip to the UK or USA or Switzerland just because you are not being marked absent for students and you on a paid leave for adults.

The steps being taken by governments all over the world are to ensure the well being of their citizens and not for their own joy.

So, in my suggestion “Let’s turn the Vacation Mode OFF and the Quarantine Mode ON. I know that sounds very gloomy but when you look at the silver lining you can do things you never had time to do before, you can hone your skills, you can pursue new hobbies and spend time with your family.”


Corona Virus Blog
Corona Virus Blog

Now, what is the ideal response to such an outbreak?

It’s not that difficult

  1. Stay at home (self-quarantine even if your government hasn’t implemented it.)

  2. Implement social distancing.

  3. Wash your hands frequently and touch your face as less as possible.

  4. Don’t invite any company to your home. Calling off tuition teachers, domestic help and other such frequently visiting people is a good idea.

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed and hope that this time of danger passes by.

That’s all for now.


-Anvesha Saraf-

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