A New Year – New Beginnings

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Though this is not the beginning of a year by the calendar, it is the beginning of a new academic year. It’s yet another new opportunity to flip over the old pages and another chance to create something unique on the blank ones. This poem is a little bit of motivation for everyone for a very joysome and enthralling year ahead.

It’s a new beginning, a new start,

A new painting in a book of art.

A blank canvas with the paintbrush within your grip,

It’s up to you to hold it firmly or let it slip.

To splash it with colours or make it black and white,

To mess everything up or to make it right.

To keep it aesthetic or abstract,

To work hard so that you create an impact.

To create something unique,

Your own version whether it be geek or chic.

To let go free yet hold on tight,

To be prepared for the roller coaster ride.

With ups and downs, with waves and tides.

To both your talents and your fears,

To this new chance, to this new year.

— A.S —

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