Jai Hind – Jai Bharat

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The mighty golden bird

With a golden reputation in the entire world.


Which now has 28 states

With no 35A a new life awaits.


For each Kashmiri to explore

To achieve their dreams and soar.


Going down in the map
To find the monuments of Delhi to amaze you.

Then going a little to the west

To experience Rajasthan’s hot loo.


From Mr. Abdul Kalam to K.Sivan,
The launchers of our scientific history.

To show when success is near always to keep,

hope to still go searching for the answer to your mysteries.


Each Indian is proud to stand by them

Because the fraternity of India teaches to value its gems.

In this diverse country, there are several casts and creeds

But we all are united in our deeds.


Gandhi, Nehru and Bhagat Singh gave us a free India,

N Modi Ji started “Swachh Bharat” and grew the concept of “Make in India”

Here there are a population of billions,
And each one of this billion is proud to be an Indian.



(A Proud Indian)

This was my 1st poem which I penned down when I was in the 4th standard. But today I have added some extra lines and reposted this. The changes in our country makes me happy to see how we are progressing towards a better and greener India.

I wish the youth of this country comes forward for a greener and cleaner India, where each child has the opportunity to study. So that they are self-dependent and strong, knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Let’s all take the initiative!

Jai Hind!




Anvesha Saraf

Hi! I am Anvesha, a writing enthusiast, a passionate techie. I am currently studying and would love to share my thoughts and clicks with you all. I love to travel and take photographs. Sharing my tiny little world with you!!

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