Keep Dreaming | Never Let Go

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Everyone has dreams, some small and some big,

But never get suppressed by the bullies out there.

They were born to crush you and empty your aspirations,

Trying to stop you, in the midst of your new creations.


It’s the irony of life, how

Some burn in the sun while others misuse the amenities they get,

They are the reason why society doesn’t progress.

They don’t care about others, they just want their selfish needs met,

You go to a party and put on a Golden sequins dress ,

While an uneducated child with dreams further than you can ever reach..
The burning light in his eye,

You cant just extinguish it with the sand you found on your vacation beach..


Don’t let them get to you, never let go.

They’ll always Boo, But you don’t need to drop down that low.


Rise above them and show, b’coz chasing your dreams is the thing to do.

Keep dreaming big and never let  go.


Anvesha Saraf

Hi! I am Anvesha, a writing enthusiast, a passionate techie. I am currently studying and would love to share my thoughts and clicks with you all. I love to travel and take photographs. Sharing my tiny little world with you!!

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